Act Ethically

It concerns the quality of member interactions, ensures that ANU members have an obligation, both individually and collectively, to use their experience and connections for the benefit of all members.

The interaction of the members must show solid professional ethics, the highest level of honesty, courtesy and fair practice. Members will attend meetings to conduct business in accordance with their profession and to demonstrate a high level of professionalism in their work. Members should consider whether the results of their efforts are respecting diversity and a safe social environment.


No Destruction

Members should refrain from any kind of irrational, emotional, physical injury or destruction or disclosure of information which in any way causes harm to others.


Be Honest and Trustworthy

In the case of product or service offerings, ANU members must be honest about the qualifications and limitation of their ability to complete a task. Promises should be respected or coordinated to ensure mutual satisfaction.


No Act of Discrimination

The principle of equality, tolerance, respect for members and the values ​​of justice must be adhered to. ANU members should be encouraged to participate, including minority groups, un discrimination based on age, color, gender identity, ethnicity, disability, gender identity, memberships, military or veteran status, race, nationality, gender, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation or any other valid reason is a clear violation of the Code.


Innovation and Respect

ANU members should treat all information and development credits according to business norms. Development of new ideas, innovations, creative work and patterns, and creator’s effort should be expected to achieve a value responsible for the work. ANU members should therefore give credit to the creators of ideas, inventions, works and patterns and respect copyright, patents, trade secrets, licensing agreements and other methods of protecting the authors’ work. The members should not claim private ownership of the work shared as public property.


Privacy and Confidentiality

The ANU members should show their responsibility of respecting privacy required in business. The members should be vigilant of the capabilities of technology to exchange personal information quickly and often without knowing.  ANU members should use personal information only for legitimate purposes and not violating anyone’s rights. ANU, through its member directory, has transparent policies that allow all individuals to understand what information is being collected and how it is being used, get permission to collect personal information, if needed.

ANU members strictly maintain confidential information such as trade secret, client data, public business strategy, financial information, data, other information and patent applications. The members should protect their privacy without cases that have evidence of violation of law, organizational rules or code.