1.    Does ANU work as a trading partner?

At some points, ANU works as a trading partner where possible based on the availability of services of the ANU and the interest of the buyers with a minimum of 1% fees of ordered amount. The percentage of fees is negotiable based on services, quantity and amount/value of order.

2.   How does ANU act as a trading partner?

ANU follows any procedure as agreed between the buyer and ANU. It provides dedicated services to ensure workplace safety, employee rights, work environment, hazards, safety, standards and quality of products and services. ANU controls work schedules and product quality through regular reports, photos, videos, zoom meetings for the progress and completion of work orders. ANU ensures that all materials and accessories are used to make the products as required by the buyers. Buyers will receive regular and scheduled updates of their orders and resolution of any conflicts.

3.   Does ANU can help in payment between a buyer and a supplier?

The payment process should be legitimate according to the rules of the country and the agreement. However, if any issue arises, ANU will act as a mediator to solve the issue which will minimize the financial risks.